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Civil engineer

Non specifié Douala/Yaoundé
Date limite de l'offre: dimanche 31 juillet 2022 00:00

Description du poste

      SOLUTIONS RH + EMPLOI SARL specialized in the provision of temporary staff, seeks for the needs of one of its customers :

                             Civil Engineer (location : Douala/Yaoundé) 

                                                            Missions :

The principal mission of this post consists of developing the infrastructure of a region or a country. Design bridges, dams, buildings, roads, tunnels and also layouts linked to water or energy supply

 Your missions consist of;

Analyse client’s needs ;

Define pre-projects ;

Analyze the economic data on the project;

Evaluate operating costs on the project;

Elaborate technical and financial solutions;

Define the project’s feasibility and profitability;

Select the means and methods to be put in place and plan all site operations; 

Monitor the realization of a project; 

Inventory the constraints of construction of a work;

Analyze technical choices and choose the equipment, materials in terms of the constraints in regulation, land and cost; 

Supervise and control the execution of studies, documents and detailed plans given to the design office;  

Follow up on the project’s advancement until delivery; 

Follow up on the project’s conformity until delivery;

Follow and update technical, economical and reglementary information;

Intervene in civil engineering matters;  

Draw up plans and sketches of a work project; 

Create a technical-economic file;

Create a company consultation file; 

Establish a Schedule of conditions; 

Pilot a projet ;

Coordonate a group’s activity ;

Profiles sought after :

Be a holder of a BAC+5 in civil engineering or any other equivalent diploma;

Have 4-5 years of experience in civil engineering works linked to electrical projects; 

Have a sense of confidentiality and rigor; 

Analyse client’s needs ; 

Know how to define pre-projects;

Know how to analyse project’s economic data; 

Know how to evaluate project’s operational cost; 

Know how to elaborate technical and financial solutions; 

Know how to define a project’s feasibility and profitability;

Know how to select means and methods to put in place and plan worksite operations; 

Maitriser le contrôler la réalisation d'un projet ;

Master and control a project’s realization;

Know how to inventory construction complaints of a project; 

Know how to analyse technical choices and select equipment, material based on constraints related to reglementation, land or cost; 

Supervise and control the execution of studies, documents and detailed plans given by the design office;

Master the follow up of any project’s advancement until delivery;

Know how to ensure conformity of work projects until delivery; 

Master the follow up and update of technical, economic and reglementary information; 

Intervene in Civil engineering matters; 

Master drawing up plans for a construction project; 

Know how to constitute technico-economic file for a project; 

Know how to set up a company consultation file; 

Know how to draw up a schedule of conditions; 

Know how to carry out a preliminary project; 

Know to pilot a project; 

Know how to coordinate a group activity;

Have good organisational skill ;

Be autonomous ; 

Have good communication and interpersonal skills;

Be perfectly bilingual ; 

Punctuality and Attendance ; 

Proactivity and flexibility (ability to take up challenge);

Team spirit; 

Ethical and honest ;

 Interested candidates up for this challenge may please forward their CV’s in a PDF format at the addresses mentioned down below latest by the 31st of July 2022                                                                       

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected] 

Your application will be processed in confidentiality


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