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International school director

Non specifié Douala
Date limite de l'offre: dimanche 31 juillet 2022 00:00

Description du poste

Titre du poste : International School Director, date d'expiration : 2022-07-17, entreprise ) : CDS Human Resources Ltd, Pays : cameroun, villes : DOUALA, contact pour postuler : [email protected]  

SUB SCHOOL: Whole School
I. Reports to:

The chief administrative officer is appointed by and reports directly to the Board and is
an ex- officio member of the Board.

II. Overview Responsibilities

A. promoting the mission of THE SCHOOL
B. understanding the community in which THE SCHOOL operates
C. ensures the needs of all students are met as much as possible including, but not limited to, special education students, English language learners as at-risk students
D. oversight of the continuing operation of the school
E. leading the staff (staff consists of faculty and non-faculty staff)
F. oversees quality and continuous improvement of THE SCHOOL educational program
G. ensures that THE SCHOOL meets or exceed COBIS and Cambridge standards
H. oversees financial management and budgeting
I. management of overall THE SCHOOL administration including physical facilities, equipment, capital investment and supplies
J. provides information to Authorizer as requested and/or required.

III. The duties of the Executive Director are:

A. Be responsible for providing professional advice and assistance to the Board, and to provide information about relevant issues that arise in school operations

school operation in accordance with mission.

two-way Board/Executive communications. practices.

budgeting and spending

Executive Director performance evaluation process.

-solving processes for
school stakeholders.

requiring Board input or direction in a timely manner. other Board activities

oard meetings, retreats, and

conducting Board meetings, retreats and other Board activates.
e and appropriate background information to the
Board for approval and execution.

B. Serves as the leader of THE SCHOOL

a school culture characterized by the welcoming atmosphere in which respect, disciplined behavior, hard work and high achievement is expected of all students, and staff.
achievement and the overall school mission.

and its mission to the public.
onship with the Board,
and enacts process for regular review and revisions of policies.
cute , such as Reporting, test
assessments, marketing, transportation, school events, Student Government, the academic program, discipline policies, student activities, and visiting students, parents, or community experts.

C. Hire and releases staff who shall report directly to the Director or designates of the Director (subject to final approval of the Board)

hiring and termination to the Board. staff.

taff and recommends all employee

-effective professional development plans for all

lishes a uniform staff evaluation process based on core competencies, sound research to ensure teaching excellence.
rompt, positive, and effective action to correct employee performance,
attendance, or interpersonal problems, as necessary.
ard approved employment agreement.
duties and responsibilities.

D. Administer, delegate and assess the work of the schools mission
1. to staff
2. to subcontractors and other vendors
school’s educational program.
that teaching methods and content align with the philosophy of the school.
necessary to improve instructional effectiveness.
ng, and evaluating new and reasonable educational methods appropriate to the schools vision and mission and the needs of the students

E. Monitor and manage student life

areas of special education, English language learner, and at-risk student populations.
ll-time presence for students.

n the

F. Serve as a positive interface with the community
-friendly, school culture. Develops educational plans for
students considering parent input.


and staff.

nity organizations and businesses for the benefit of

-win situations for parents, students,


-friendly school communications
ion and input meetings. the insurance contractor, and all of the schools other contracted

good working relationships all the vital people connected to the school (outside of the

immediate staff) for the relational health, compliance, and goal setting for the school.
elationships with vital members, all other educational agencies that support education in general and specifically, international schools, for the health and well-being of the students of THE SCHOOL.

G. Responsibility manage the school’s resources

et for leading annual budget planning process geared toward spending in accordance with school priorities, maintaining fiscal responsibilities in all matters, and maintaining a positive fund balance,
ely supervise staff responsible for administration of the school’s facilities, resources, and
laws and regulations.

Title I and Special Education

expenditures to budget.

-raising efforts.
for Board review including report of actual revenue and

budget each year

ze all documents required for annual audit not later than October 1st o

H. Perform other duties as authorized by the Academy for the Arts Board

IV. Necessary Skills
regulatory agencies, members of the community and general public. Ability to effectively present information to THE SCHOOL staff members and leadership groups, the community and general public.

budget to THE SCHOOL Board. Ability to define problems, collect and analyze data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions.
approaches to addressing curriculum and instruction challenges.
th other.


 Master’s degree in Education administration or related field
 5years+ experience as a school manager
 7years + experience as a teacher.
 Must be bilingual
 Mastery of Microsoft office package.

Deadline : 15/07/2022

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