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National health financing policy (nhfp) advisor / conseiller.e technique p4h h/f - yaoundé - giz cameroun

Non specifié Yaoundé
Date limite de l'offre: lundi 27 juin 2022 00:00
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    3-5 ans
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Field of activity

The Cameroonian-German Program to support Health and HIV/AIDs as well as the GIZ Sector Initiative (SI) Global Health (GH) in Bonn are tasked to support advancing Social Health Protection (SHP) and Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Cameroon through the following programs:

  • The bi-lateral GIZ health program Pro-PASSaR, aiming at improving access to quality health care, especially sexual reproductive health care services and psychosocial support to vulnerable populations in Cameroon.
  • The SI GH via its project support to Health Financing/ P4H Network by improving coordination and alignment of UHC/ SHP reform processes and of related national and international stakeholders.

The P4H Network is a growing global health financing and social health protection network under the UHC 2030 agenda and comprises a broad mix of international partners and investors around SHP/UHC with different mandates, purposes, comparative strengths, and sector affiliation. P4H combines the normative and technical support with the political commitment, financial contributions and wealth of expertise and experience of its member organizations.  Its structures inter-act at national, regional and global level and serve to achieve the UHC target of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Following the reorganization of the GIZ Sector Initiative Universal Health Coverage, the GIZ technical support unit to the P4H network has been transferred to the Sector Initiative BACKUP Health with the aim to build synergies and more closely link global funding with national health financing agendas.

In Cameroon the GIZ bi-lateral health program’s main objectives are (1) to help ensure that the population, particularly poor and vulnerable groups, have improved access to high-quality health care, (2) to contribute to strengthening the country’s health system.  Together with other technical and financial partners and with civil society organizations, the program supports the establishment of a framework for political discussion between the Ministry of Public Health and other ministries concerned. It works on strengthening local population’s engagement in health facility management, strengthening of the regional funds for health promotion, strengthening Dialogue Structures through information, mobilization and awareness-raising campaigns with local authorities, associations and the public. It also cooperates with key P4H partners, the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), World Bank and the World Health Organization to contribute to the implementation of reforms engaged for the achievement of UHC in Cameroon. The program also supports the process of digitalizing the country’s health system by proposing digital solutions and offering capacity building.

UHC reforms in Cameroon are currently being refined and rolled out by the Government under the leadership of the Ministry of Public Health. As of today, a National UHC Strategy, a UHC roadmap as well as a UHC Communication Strategy have been produced. Furthermore, the Government of Cameroon signed a Public – Private Partnership with a Korean company endowed with the responsibility of designing and setting up a UHC system in the country based on the UHC architecture proposed by the Government. The Ministry of Public Health is currently actively engaging with Developing Partners to raise funds and move forward with the reforms defined in the road map. Some of the reforms have already been completed and funded by some DPs. In this regard, WHO initiated the “Coordination framework for Technical and Financial Partners in the health sector in Cameroon” in order to facilitate coordination between these different TFPs, share information, collaborate and implement programs in a synergistic and complementary way. Within this newly validated framework, the Technical Note, which summarized the analysis and recommendations of DPs on the architecture of the Cameroon’s UHC system and produced in 2018, has been reviewed.

The objective

Cameroon and the surrounding region have been identified as one of the focal areas of GIZ, the P4H network, and the bi-lateral GIZ health program as well as the SI GH. Jointly they are planning to place a long-term nationalHealth Financing Policy (nHFP) Advisor in the country to support the Government of Cameroon, especially the Ministry of Public Health, in the development of an interlinked national UHC and Health Financing Strategy and strengthen coordination among partners with an interest in advancing UHC, SHP and health financing reform nationally but also within the region.

Thus, to support its Team, the GIZ/ProPASSaR recruits one (01)Technical Advisor P4H (Providing for Health) in Yaounde.


The nHFP Advisor will engage in supporting health financing related policy development, policy implementation and stakeholder coordination on mainly national and regional level. The nHFP Advisor will work on activities for the attainment of national, regional and global objectives for UHC/SHP development and related health care financing issues. This includes process and analytical support.

The nHFP Advisor will be based at the GIZ health program office in Yaoundé and report to ProPASSaR Director.

His/Her work will be divided into two work streams, on one hand to serve the GIZ bi-lateral health program as nHFP Advisor and on the other function as appointed national support to the P4H Country Focal Point.

The tasks will include:

  1.  At a national level:

GIZ Bi-lateral program Pro-PASSaR

  • Support the Projet de Planification Familiale et Appui au Système de Santé pour la Résilience (Pro-PASSaR).
  • Collaborate with the program’s team in charge of supporting the RFHP.
  • Support the RFHP on the management and implementation of the existing HF schemes and provide expertise on the integration of these HF mechanisms (PBF, HIV, CS).
  • Provide expert analysis on the use of existing HF mechanisms for improving quality health care access to IDPs and vulnerable populations.
  • Support the implementation of proposed digital solutions for improving the management of existing HF schemes at a regional level.
  • Nurture relations/dialogue with the Ministry of Public Health (central level and regional level).
  • Collaborate and coordinate with development partners and related stakeholders.
  • Support the implementation of digital solutions proposed for the optimization of national HF schemes.


  • Follow and contribute to discussions on UHC and HF organized by the Development Partners (DP) Sub-group for UHC (WHO).
  • Support the P4H FP in the development and implementation of multi-sectoral work plans for moving towards UHC/SHP;
  • Assist the P4H FP in developing relevant evidence, policy options and draft health financing/ UHC strategies through analytic inputs as well as facilitating analytic and financial support from regional and global level of the P4H network and other sources;
  • Contribute to the facilitation of partner coordination among the P4H network and other partnersengaged in health financing/ UHC reform (while taking into account the WHO initiative for DPs Coordination in UHC&HF) and play together with the P4H FP an active liaison role between DPs and the Government:
    • Support the P4H FP in the coordination of DPs involved in UHC and HF process reforms by organizing meetings to exchange information and align activities.
    • Support dialogue processes aimed at fostering consensus around the proposed health financing/ UHC strategy among relevant partners and as part of relevant technical working groups.
    • Together with the P4H FP identify and nurture collaboration between all actors involved in HF and UHC – I.e. bi-/multilateral development agencies, global initiatives, consulting agencies, NGOs, CSOs and the private sector – and keep an inventory with their active representatives, contacts, activities related to UHC and their institutional anchor (counterpart in Cameroon).
    • Serve as a resource person for network members and government representatives on Social Health Protection.
    • Ensure regular information sharing with P4H members on new DP programs and upcoming missions by sharing project documents, terms of reference of activities, mission objectives and reports, etc.
  • Engage in capacity development of national multi-sectorial actors for UHC/SHP, especially on Public Finance Management, Digital Health and Leadership.
  • Identify opportunities for capacity building of decision-makers in national and regional institutions for contributing to the roll out of UHC reforms and support south-south collaboration and exchanges. Key partners at country level include Ministries of Public Health, Finance, Labor, Economy & Planning and Social Affairs, as well as non-government stakeholders such as private health service providers, insurers and civil society.
  • Closely work in collaboration with the Health Initiative BACKUP and develop joint work plans for reinforcing national HF schemes and contributing to their optimization.
  1.  At a regional level:


  • Support the P4H FP to maintain linkages with other international initiatives in given regions, the wider African region and the other sub-regional P4H focal points.
  • Contribute to the development of mechanisms of sharing best practices in the Region.
  1.  At global level


  • Interact with the global Coordination Team of the P4H network under the guidance of the P4H Steering Group and Coordination Desk.
  • Support the P4H FP in keeping the Cameroon page of the P4H web-platform up to date with current developments, collaborations and news.
  • Support the P4H FP in the preparation of P4H Coordination Team meetings, national and global network reporting against agreed targets.
  • Participate in regional and global conferences/ events on issues of HF, SHP/UHC and feed results into the regional and national policy debates as required.



  • Postgraduate education at Master’s (or equivalent degree) level in relevant areas such as, health financing, health economics, or health systems management, or public health with specialization and/or work experience in health financing reform;
  • At least 4 years of academic and/or professional working experience related to the topics of health economics, social health protection and/or health systems financing.
  • Experienced competences in Public Financial Management assessments for the health sector.
  • Good understanding of health system challenges in developing countries; very good understanding of health financing and SHP systems, including social health insurance and community based health insurance.
  • Verified experience in project coordination and independent execution of tasks.
  • Working experience with international organizations (technical agencies, organizations, consultancy firms, bilateral agencies etc.), is an asset.
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Practical experience in policy development and analysis.
  • Strong ability to organize, analyze and summarize information.
  • Excellent communication, coordination and interpersonal skills.
  • Fluency in written and spoken French and English.


Contract start date : 01.07.2022 

Contract period : till 31.10.2023

Place of employment : Yaoundé 

Deadline for receipt of applications : 05.06.2022

Internal job classification: 4T / under the hierarchical supervision of the ProPASSaR’s Director.

  • Composition (required) of applications: Motivation letter, CV (3 pages max + 03 professional references).
  • All applications will only be received on our career site, via the e-recruiting platform accessible through the link: https://gizkamerun.jobs.net.
  • Please complete the questionnaire on your competences when you apply online.
  • After submitting an application, please check your spam/junk folder regularly for incoming messages, as emails from our e-recruiting system are treated as spam by some providers.

GIZ is an equal-opportunities employer, and encourage applications from Female applicants and candidates with disabilities.

NB There is no fee or mediation for recruitment at GIZ. Any fraudulent information detected will result in the elimination of the application from the current and future recruitment processes. Only selected candidates will be contacted. Unsuccessful applications will be destroyed six months after the date of publication.POSTULER

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