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Administration and finance officer

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Date limite de l'offre: lundi 1 novembre 2021 10:00

Description du poste


Administration & Finance Officer

Duties and responsibilities:

The Admin Finance Officer reports to the WCS BSB Project Director, with a dotted line to DAF with the possibility to travel to various project sites of BSB Yamoussa. This position is responsible for assisting the BSB Project Director and Finance and Administration Director in all aspects of Finance and Administration in the BSB Yamoussa Program. 

This position is responsible for processing, recording, and monitoring all the payments of the BSB Yamoussa program, verifying the accuracy of the documentation before processing any financial transaction, and providing any information to WCS Cameroon regarding accounting practices and procedures

This position is responsible for assisting the Finance and Administration Director on all the effective implementation of the logistics and supply chain management systems of the BSB Yamoussa Project in compliance with WCS policy and donor requirements.

This position is responsible for assisting the Country HR Officer in all HR matters in the field.


  • Prepare all the financial transactions (internal and external payment) in accordance with the WCS policy and donor requirements.
  • Ensure that all financial transactions are coded to the right projects, grants, and activities 
  • Ensure the accuracy and timely disbursement of all the advances/advance justification/liquidation and settlement in compliance with the donor regulations and WCS policy
  • Record all the Journal Vouchers including the Cash Receipt and payment vouchers in the WCS JV template.
  • Post the WCS JV template after approval from the DFA
  • Participate in the preparation of the financial reports including the monthly and yearly end close
  • Prepare the monthly receivable and payable reports and submit them to DAF for review
  • Ensure timely payment of payroll to WCS personnel and remittance of legal payroll liabilities to concerned authorities
  • Oversee the bookkeeping for BSB Yamoussa Office
  • In collaboration with the Project Director, perform periodic cash count including surprise cash count
  • Monitor the bank balance and advise for cash replenishment as needed
  • Coordinate all financial transactions between the country office and BSB field offices

Human Resources

  • In collaboration with the HR Officer oversee HR and Management tasks related to staff concerns at the project level
  • Update and keep records of staff contacts/emergency/medical facilities list as needed.
  • Assist with the recruiting process for the office.
  • Assist with the Project Office employee separation process.
  • In collaboration with HR Officer at the country office, support the HR functions such as evaluations, monitoring of leave days, and updating individual staff files.
  • In collaboration with the DFA and HR Officer, contribute to the implementation of WCS ethics policies and other procedures


  • In collaboration with the Logistician, ensures the proper maintenance of the WCS Office, residence, Guest House, and the equipment of the WCS and ensure the effective usage and safety of WCS equipment and fleet 
  • Participate in the integration/induction of the expatriate and national staff in logistics and purchasing process based on the needs of the WCS in BSB
  • Assist with general administration to ensure that office operations run smoothly and/or as assigned by senior management.
  • Ensure that all administrative procedures of WCS are followed and adhered to.
  • Ensure the proper archive of the accounting documents and any other administrative documents of the BSB Yamoussa Project. 
  • In collaboration with the Accountant and Logistics Officer, update the inventory of the assets register on the monthly basis and submit the periodic report as requested.
  • Ensure the proper management of the fleet of the WCS (including the proper tracking of the maintenance, repairs, and fuel consumption)


  • Participate in the drafting of the call for tender (closed and open) with the Program Staff before the review by the DFA
  • Provide assistance in the process of procurement (i.e. Opening of the tender, Analysis of the bids, and selection process)
  • Contribute to the training of WCS staff on procurement policy of WCS and donor requirement
  • Maintain and update the file of the preferred vendors
  • Contribute to the implementation of the recommendations to the audit recommendation to improve the supply chain management 
  • Review the procurement documentation process to ensure compliance with WCS policy and donor requirements before initiating the payment


  • Supervise Accountant, Admin Assistant, clean officers…
  • Capacity building


  • Assist with internal and external audits, as required
  • Ensure compliance with WCS Cameroon procedures and donor regulations
  • Any other duty assigned by the supervisor

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