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Hiring seo english speaker

Non specifié Douala, Littoral, Cameroun
Date limite de l'offre: mardi 5 juillet 2022 19:01

Description du poste


Nom de l'entreprise Entreprise de la place
A propos de l'entreprise SEO & Marketing experts. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality traffic possible to all our esteemed partners. We combine our in-depth marketing expertise with our extensive data analytics that we have built over the years.
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Type d'activité Digital Fork
Fourchette salariale 250 000 - 350 000 FCFA
Type d'annonce Emploi
Intitulé du poste Hiring SEO English Speaker

Hiring SEO English Speaker


Ville Douala
Profil recherché

Any sex confused

age between 20 and 39 years

with experience of at least 2 years

Compétences requise

teamwork, presenting, dynamic and motivated

La fiche de poste sera envoyée aux candidats dont le profil sera retenu.

Date limite de candidature 2022-06-22
Dossier de candidature un CV en anglais au format PDF
Type de contrat Contrat à durée indéterminée
Email de réception de candidatures avec en objet "", R[0]C[-3] <> ""), LEFT(R[0]C[-6],3) & "/" & R[0]C[-5] & "/" & IF(MONTH(R[0]C[-3]) < 10, "0","") & MONTH(R[0]C[-3]) & "/" & YEAR(R[0]C[-3]) & "/" & R[0]C[-7], "")">EMP/EDI/06/2022/548
Autres informations

What you'll be doing :

  • Oversee strategy and execution of large-scale organic search projects for global, world-class brands.
  • Provide SEO analysis using all data resources and tools available
  • Conduct keyword research including industry trends and competitive analysis to drive the most valuable traffic
  • Provide input on on-page & off-page content semantic formatting
  • Contribute to SEO monthly reports
  • Collect the data and make a report on traffic and ranking
  • Monitor SEO performance of your markets, by using SEO tools available (Google Search Console, Monitorank…etc)
  • Participate in conducting SEO technical audits
  • Stay up to date with the latest SEO and industry trends

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