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Specialist applied research and statistics

Non specifié Bafoussam - Bamenda - Bertoua - Buéa - Douala - Ebolowa - Garoua - Maroua - Ngaoundéré - Yaoundé - International
Date limite de l'offre: jeudi 8 juin 2023 11:00
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Description du poste

Poste proposé : Specialist Applied Research and Statistics

The purpose of the Domestic and International Tax Researcher is to complete qualitative and quantitative applied research initiatives that provide research insights. The Researcher is also responsible for compiling research reports and presentations presenting research findings.

Research :


  • To participate in scoping of research initiatives, defining the research structure, hypothesis, methodology, approach, reporting requirements and plan by the agreed deadlines
  • To conduct and produce research by applying approved methodology and research standards, collecting research findings, analysing findings, developing research reports and recommendations, and presenting findings by agreed deadline
  • To integrate research findings with other research sourced by reviewing research, recording relevant research insights and findings and defining integrated research findings and recommendations, as and when required
  • To develop and present opinions and findings based on research by conducting research, drafting reports and presentations, submitting for review and distributing as agreed
  • To review research by implementing the research quality review principles and measures, identifying discrepancies and areas of excellence, making recommendations and providing feedback within agreed deadlines and as and when required
  • To complete research in line with ATAF and Research good practice and defined standards (especially good research practice, plagiarism, and resource referencing) by completing research outputs, always conducting research authentically and originally
  • To assist in keeping ATAF reputation by applying research standards, implementing reputation management plans and processes and addressing concerns as required and at least bi-annually
  • To administrate all research documentation by filing into the knowledge hub and storing according to defined filing conventions within agreed turnaround time and on all research conducted

Research Data Analysis


  • To conduct qualitative and quantitative data analysis by using latest research methodologies, defining the analysis principles, developing analysis tools, capturing data into tools, tracking quality and completeness of data, evaluating data trends and results and applying against the research hypothesis within deadline
  • To translate data and statistics into in-depth data analytics and predictive analytics relevant to the membership by analysing and transforming data into well packaged information, aligning data analytics with relevant insights and feedback on tax administration queries, trends and issues and supporting executive monitoring, optimal decision-making and actionable insights as required
  • To improve the existing ATAF databank platform and transform data into data storytelling, visualization, generic dashboards and infographics to derive quick insights, improve outcomes, enhance tax collection strategies and highlight signals to shape the future (forecasting) by analysing data, developing data reports and presentations, verifying ease of understanding, amending and improving understanding of data information and submitting by set timelines
  • To review data analysis by evaluating findings in line with the analysis principles, checking logic of analysis and making recommendations and / or developing findings based on the results from the review within agreed deadlines
  • To file all analysis tools and models by saving in the knowledge hub according to defined filing conventions and within agreed turnaround times


Research Reporting


  • To develop standardised research reports by implementing the research findings report template (if required) or implementing another approved template, capturing the research findings/outputs into the report, supporting research outputs with motivations/ explanations and drafting recommendations as per the defined standards and requirements and within the defined deadlines
  • To draft new research reports by understanding report audience, developing report, integrating relevant infographics and visual aids, verifying that research findings are clearly presented and submitting for approval by deadline
  • To complete the defined progress reports by collecting required information, drafting into the defined and prescribed formats, checking for completeness and accuracy and submitting for approval by the defined deadlines
  • To review research reports and presentations by understanding report audience, reading, identifying discrepancies or areas of excellence, adjusting to transfermessage to audience, making recommendations and providing feedback within agreed deadlines


Research Good Practice and Support


  • To support the Manager to provide research support and good practice expertise to internal stakeholders, collaborative and commissioned research by providing assistance throughout the research lifecycle including but not limited to concept notes, ToR’s, quality assurance, identification and hiring of quality researchers and budget set-up as required
  • To assist the manager to support ATAF to prevent duplicate research commissioning by informing and educating internal stakeholders on existing and available research and providing guidance and advice to verify and prevent duplicate research requests as required
  • To support the internal stakeholders and strategic partners to manage research compliance with defined standards (especially good research practice, plagiarism and resource referencing) by applying methodologies and frameworks to verify and address authenticity and originality non-compliance as required


Research Team Participation


  • To contribute to the research team success by participating in research initiative planning, delivering research on time, providing support to other researchers/statisticians, and aligning with the agreed research approach, methodology and quality at all times
  • To contribute to research initiative problem resolution by identifying potential challenges, developing solutions, presenting solutions, working with the team to develop a final approved solution and implementing as and when required
  • To identify research opportunities and risks by evaluating research initiative and areas of responsibility, evaluating impact of outputs against other outputs and providing feedback on an ongoing basis
Profil recherché pour le poste : Specialist Applied Research and Statistics



  • Degree in Economics, Tax Law, Finance or any other related qualification.
  • 3 – 5 years’ experience in field
  • 3 years initiative management experience is required
  • 1 year programme management experience is required
  • Stakeholder engagement experience is preferred
  • Fluency in English is a requirement
  • Ability to communicate in Portuguese, Arabic and / or French is an advantage
  • Must be able to travel locally and internationally


Closing Date: 24 May 2023

Critères de l'annonce pour le poste : Specialist Applied Research and Statistics
Métier :
Gestion, comptabilité, finance
Secteur d´activité :
Services autres
Type de contrat :
Région :
Bafoussam - Bamenda - Bertoua - Buéa - Douala - Ebolowa - Garoua - Maroua - Ngaoundéré - Yaoundé - International
Ville : South Africa, Pretoria Hatfield
Niveau d'expérience :
Expérience entre 2 ans et 5 ans
Niveau d'études :
Langues exigées :
Nombre de poste(s) : 1
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